The Durga Auditorium has embarked on an ambitious project to construct a Cultural and Educational hall and ancillary facilities.

The hall will provide facilities to host cultural shows, traditional weddings, musical functions, conferences, symposiums, musical and dance debuts (arangetrams) birthday, anniversary celebrations, Durga Auditorium cultural functions such as Holi, Diwali.

The project when completed will stand as testimony to the aspirations of the Hindu community in New South Wales. However, building a centre of the calibre requires enormous amounts of resources. Although the Hindu Society has sufficient financial strength to command a loan interest of the Society to pay interest and have a large liability.

The Durga Auditorium’s main arm is the Sri Durgadevi Devasthanam. The Devasthanam proudly constructed the Cultural Hall structurally, having spent more than a million dollars on the building alone on a $2 million land.

The Devasthanam is confident that with the affluence of the members and devotees’ sufficient funds can be raised to complete this project in time.

The PHHP is one of the many fund-raising projects the Durga Auditorium will be embarking in the new year of 2011. In this scheme we are requesting you to invest an amount of which has sufficient return for you.

For example, you pay $2000 now, and you are shielded against any price rise in the hall hire charges for another 5 years. This is a very good investment which can be even transferred to your children of grand children or given as a gift.