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Dear Devotees

Daily poojas to all the deities, special pujas on specific days are being performed in the temple for universal peace and prosperity. With the active cooperation and participation of Devotees, the construction of our temple and other associated architectural works are in traditional South Indian Style, and the Mahakumbhabishekam was conducted on May 7th 2017.

As you are already aware, in order to ensure day-to-day performace of poojas, the Devasthanam launched, on 22nd August 2009 the NITHYA PUJA SCHEME by creation of a “Corpus Fund”. Under the scheme , devotees may make a payment of $101.The Devasthanam, in turn, will perform Special Pooja to Durgai Amman or any deity of devotees choice on a specific date every year throughout his/her life span. It is the sincere endeavor of the Devasthanam that the interest accuring from this Fund is utilized to meeting the expenses of pujas and maintenance of the temple, thus ensuring uninterrupted and smooth functioning of the temple and related activities of the Devasthanam forever.

The Devasthanam, therefore, earnestly request each and every devotee to join the Scheme and be the recipient of the blessings of the Almighty. It will also be greatly appreciated if you could pass on the information of this Scheme to your relatives and friends and enroll their participation as well. The Devasthanam is abundantly confident that one and all will rise to the occasion and participate in the noble Scheme. Contributions may be made by Cash or Cheque payable in favour of Sri Durgadevi Devasthanam INC, along with the date for performing the puja, the Sannidhi and the personal details( Gothra, Nakshatra and Name, etc.,).

We are proudly to include you in our prayer to wish you and pray for you on your special days like Birthday , Wedding Anniversary day,etc.

-Managing Committee

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