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SUNDAY, 25th March 2018

A special Maha Navachandi Navadurga Yagna will be performed on Sunday, 25th March 2018. This event commences with the Ganesha Pooja.

The Maha Navashandi Navadurga Yagna is a very powerful ritual and is happening on a large scale at the Durga Temple, Sydney.

The Nava Durga copper Yantras used in this sacred ritual will be available after the conclusion of the ceremony. This Nava Durga Coloured Copper Yantra will be bring progress in life and eliminate difficult problems.

8:00am Ganesh Pooja, Sangalpam, Navavarna Pooja
9:00am Sri NavaDurga NavaChandi Mahayagna with (Sowbhagya Thrivya Samarpanam,
Maha Poornahuthi, Kanniga Pooja, Ganapathi Pooja, Vaduga Bairava Pooja, Swasini Pooja,Chandi
Homa Kalasa Abhishekam to Goddess Durga, Lakshmi & Saraswathy.

1:00pm Deeparadhanai

Please Forward this mail to your friends & other devotees.

For further details in regards to participation in this special Yagna and to obtain the Navasshandi Navadurga yantras. Please contact the Management Committee.