29.04.2018 Sunday

The Hindu festival going by the name of ChitraPournami is observed on the full mood day in the month of April.

ChitraPournami is the perfect day for reflection on your karma and also making appeals to an Energetic Archetype to break the cycle of your karma.

Worshipping Ambal in pournami is also a very special experience.

In our Durga Amman Temple, ChitraPournami will be celebrated on Sunday 29th April 2018. The times are as follows:

Special Milk Abhishekam (Paal Chembu) commences at 11:00am
Auspicious Poojas commence at 12:00pm with Prasadham to follow

Special Abhisekam 108 Deepa Pooja at 07.45 Pm

Partake in these special ceremonies and receive the blessings of Goddess Durga.