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Special Homam & Abhishekam to Navagraha's

Special Abhishekam to Goddess Durga @ 06:00pm

Participate in this Homam to enhance the positive and minimize negative effects due to this Transit.

According to the Hindu Almanac,Sani Moves (peyarchi) from Virchigam(Scorpius) to Dhanushu(Sagittarius) on 19th December 2017 Tuesday.
During Saturn Transit 2017,planet Saturn will stay in Dhanushu(Sagittarius) for next Couple of years(till 24th January 2020). This should considered as a Auspicious Day.

The Durga Temple will be having the Sani Peyarchi Maha Yaagam on 16th December 2017 Saturday at 09:30am - 12:30 noon for the benefits of devotees.


According to Astrology, due to the Sani Peyarchi the Rasis affected are: Mesham(Aries), Vrushabam(Taurus),Mithunam (Gemini), Simham(Leo), Virchigam(Scorpius),Dhanusu (Sagittarius), Makaram (Capricorn)


Daily Evening Special Abhisekam & Pooja to Lord Ganesha @ 05:30pm until

Vinayagar Viratham Starts @ 04.12.2017 Monday

Vinayagar Viratham Ends 24.12.2017 Sunday


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Please Donate liberally to this New Charriot and the temple to receive the Blessings of Durga Devi

 All Donations towards Sydney Durga Temple is Tax Reductable.

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Temple Timings

Temple will be open from 08.00am until 09.00pm

Pooja (Arthi) Timings:

08.00 am
12.00 pm
04.30 pm
07.00 pm

The timings are subject to change during Special events and festival periods.